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How to get Dairy Without the Cow

People are automatically programmed to assume we need milk and cheese in our diet to get our daily calcium. This is an idea that has been engrained in our brains since childhood with our mothers telling us to “drink our milk if we want to grow big and strong”. There has been a widespread switch […]

The Kombucha Craze

New trends are always infiltrating the mainstream market and being pulled from other cultures, traditions, and countries. What you’ve likely seen around town lately, is the addition of Kombucha in the cooler section of cafes and shops. Maybe you’ve even tried it, but you do know what it is and why you should consider adding […]

The Benefits of Eating one Salad a Day

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of your diet and should be taking up the majority of space on your plate. Sometimes we get busy and find it hard to incorporate all our daily nutrients and fall for that quick fat-laden fix of takeaway. One easy way to amp up your intake is […]

Mother’s Day Classic

It was that time of year again – where mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, friends, and co-workers united to take part in the annual Mother’s Day Classic run to raise funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This year, individuals from the Feedmee team took to the Tan track to […]

Sweating it out: The Low-down on Bikram Yoga

Think about this: Yoga, in a room heated to a temperature of forty degrees, 40% humidity, for ninety minutes, sweat dripping from pores you didn’t even realise held the ability to sweat – like knee caps, and shins, and behind your ears. If you’ve ever experienced the joys of practising Bikram’s Hot Yoga, you’ll be […]

Breaking Down the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet (also known as the caveman diet) is a nutritional plan based around wholesome, contemporary foods from any food groups our caveman-era ancestors would have consumed.  Think fish, grass-fed (not grain-fed) pasture-raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, nuts, and healthy oils such as olive, coconut, avocado, macadamia, walnut, and flaxseed – anything […]

Superfoods – Why We Need Them?

In this day and age, we are constantly being bombarded with information for so-called healthy foods and ‘quick fixes’. As a result, it can sometimes become confusing or difficult to determine which foods are actually beneficial to us, and which foods contain hidden additives, sugar, and other nasties. The term ‘Superfood’ was coined together in […]

Soup – The perfect winter meal

Summer is well and truly over here in Melbourne, and, as the days get shorter, and the mornings colder, it’s easy to reach for a bag of hot chips, or a greasy souvlaki to help you face the cold, dreary weather. It’s known that cold weather triggers hunger, and since you’re wearing more layers, and exercising […]

Why go Vegan?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the term ‘veganism’. It’s a common misconception that all vegans are hairy, potato-sack-wearing hippies who survive on only tofu and soy milk, but the lifestyle itself is moving at a rapid pace from marginal to mainstream – and with good reason. Globally, there are over […]

5 veggies to slow down the ageing process

Aging begins in the late teens but the accumulated damage doesn’t show until our 30’s or 40’s. And while there’s no magic cure to stop it, it is in our control to slow down the visible effects and health complications. Here are some facts you might be surprised at: 15-20% of aging is genetically predetermined […]