From Supersizing to Salad Bars, can you really ‘eat clean’ at McDonalds?

Google Maps. The Electric Drill. Ultrasound Scanners. McCafe. Electronic Pacemakers.

What do all of these individual gifts to humankind have in common?

No, it’s not the letter ‘E’ – although I see you out there, Scrabble-bosses.

It turns out each of these inventions is in fact a brain-child of True Blue Aussie ingenuity.

Australian Made

Yep, from land-mapping to lattes, Australians are modestly making things that change the world – whether that be the world of medicine, cartography or culinary innovation.

We may be an island nation, but we’re damn good at tapping the World’s cultural pulse – particularly in all things culinary.

For example, when coffee-connoisseuring  Melbournians complained about the dank drip-water being served at McDonalds counters, McCafe was born. Soon God’s gift to ragged road-trippers began appearing across Australia – and eventually across the globe.


Likewise, in 2004, when the shock revelations of dietary documentary ‘Supersize Me’ hit our shores, McDonalds were quick to minimise damage, releasing a new ‘Healthy Choices Menu’ and this statement on their website:

“You are what you eat, and you have a right to know what’s in your food.”
– McDonalds Australia

The statement was supported by an unprecedented transparency – with all nutritional info being displayed on both the website and the wrappers of their products, allowing consumers to decide what met their dietary requirements.

And the choices didn’t stop there. In 2015 McDonalds launched a Nation-Wide ‘Create Your Taste’ campaign, allowing consumers to customise their McDonalds experience down to the last slice of beetroot (another Aussie innovation).

healthy choices

It seems that Maccas has come a long way from Big Macs and Large Fries. Less Supersize and more Salad (no sides), our interest was piqued.

So we popped down the road to our local Maccas to see just how healthy a lunch we could create.

Here are our findings:

healthy choices mcdonalds

  • Lettuce Rejoice
    An instant happy surprise? There’s something other than iceberg. With a choice between a diced cos-iceberg mix or a ‘Deluxe’ mixed leaves blend, we’re feeling optimistic.

grilled chicken salad

  • Thrills ‘n’ Grills
    Another shocker? Fried/battered chicken is off the menu. The options are grilled chicken or… Grilled chicken. But at least there’s no ‘nuggets’ option.

create your taste

  • ‘Top Ten’
    With their ‘top-up’ ingredients including a spectrum from staples, like grated carrot, through to a pre-mixed (yet surprisingly sugar- and oil-free) guacamole, there are a range of flavour options available. Well… there are ten options, to be precise. Slightly less than we’re used to, but surprisingly fresh for Maccas.
  • ‘Dress it Up’
    Or, in our case, dress it down. A quick trip to the website reveals that their dressings pack between 80 – 200 calories per 40g serve. With this packing the biggest caloric punch of all the ingredients, we opt for some balsamic on the side


  • mcdonalds salad


Contrary to its name, McDonalds ‘Create Your Taste’ range doesn’t provide customers with much room to – well – customise.

But maybe that’s a good thing. With the range of salad ingredients being both basic and in their natural state (eg. raw veggies), there’s little margin for nutritional error.

That said, when it came to dressings, we did err on the side of caution. With even the lightest option adding 80 calories – and a sugar hit – to our otherwise well-balanced, crisp and flavoursome meal.

More than anything, we’re excited by what this shift in McDonald’s dining experience means for the fast food landscape. With more people wanting to know what goes into their bodies, the fast food chains are giving them the freedom of choice to decide.

And no, we don’t want fries with that.

mcdonalds fries

eat local feedmee

Eating local made easy!

We’ve got this season spelled out for you!

Did you know that an Apple isn’t just an ‘Apple’?

Just as the seasons change, so does the quality and quantity of fresh produce. In fact, vitamins present in the fruit or vegetable at the time of harvest are highly unstable and are largely depleted after a few days. Therefore, for every day an apple spends in shipping or storage, it is losing vital nutritional value.

Where large supermarkets import, freeze and store stock to supply the year-round demand, we insist on supplying only the freshest, crispest local produce.

Yep, here at Feedmee, we’re best buddies with Mother Nature, and make it our mission to cater in accordance with the menu her seasons write for us!


Here’s a peak at just some of the items on our Spring shopping list – and their nutritious benefits:

  • Artichokes: high in magnesium and folate – these babies regulate bodily temperature and energy!
  • Broccoli: packed with calcium and vitamin K, you’ll be building both bones and nutritional boasting rights!
  • Cauliflower: offers you both choline and phosphorus, which help to fight liver disease and build healthy teeth!
  • Feta: one serving packs 43% of your daily protein needs!
  • Green Beans: offering the benefits of both potassi-YUM and Vitamin A, they’re the magical fruit!
  • Jalapenos: boasting a kick of vitamin B6, these spicy peppers are a good kind of burn!
  • Mushrooms: this protein-packed veggie also give us a hit of copper, iron and selenium – minerals that are otherwise difficult to obtain!
  • Olives: these yummy nibbles contain antioxidants, protecting your cells as well as increasing fertility!
  • Peas: these little beauties are bursting with vitamin C – Mother Nature’s cold vaccine!
  • Quinoa: this gluten-free gem is packed with protein, potassium, calcium and fibre! Now if we could only pronounce it!
  • Red Onion: these blushing beauties are riddled with over 6 different minerals, including: calcium, thiamine and manganese! We’re getting teary just thinking about it!
  • Spinach: with a kick of calcium, vitamins A, B2, C and K, you’ll have fellow lunchers green with envy!
  • Walnuts: boasting a big hit of protein and heart-healthy amino acids, these are more than just a crunchy treat!
  • Zucchini: these fibre-packed veggies will keep you flowing long after your next vinyasa class!


We eat veggies for their health benefits – so why not maximise their nutritional burst?

So from your local farmers, and the folks here at Feedmee, thanks ‘shallot’ for letting us put a Spring in your step this season!



Summer Fruits feedmee

The sweet truth about fruit.

We all know fruit contains sugar. But did you know that fruit can contribute to your sugar addiction and your inability to drop the unwanted weight? Don’t get me wrong, the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in fruit are all very good for you but here are some things to consider when eating fruit.

Some fruits are better for you than others.

Sweeter fruits like bananas, mangos and grapes can raise blood sugar pretty quickly because they have more sugar and less fiber. If you are trying to loose weight stick with lower-sugar options like blueberries or raspberries. Most people think that eating an apple a day is good for you but one medium apple contains a whopping 19g of sugar!

Berries are the way to go!

Blueberries are packed with nutrients, fiber, antioxidants and all kinds of other goodness that lower their sugar impact. Fiber and nutrients in blueberries are the reason they’re relatively low on the glycemic index, despite their sugar content. Studies show blueberries can actually help normalise blood sugar levels and reduce your risk for diabetes.

Fruit and Protein together reduce the impact of sugar.

Protein and healthy fat can help reduce the impact of the fruit’s sugar. Try apple slices with a tablespoon of almond butter, its delicious! Also remember that avocado, olives and coconut, are low-sugar fruits that contain healthy fat.

Dried fruit should be treated like lollies.

Stay away! Dried fruit has way more sugar than fresh fruit, sometimes up to 3 times as much. Worse still, your brain doesn’t know how to say no because fructose doesn’t signal to your brain when you’re full. One cup of fresh cranberries contains 4g of sugar and one cup of dried cranberries contains a whopping 70g. Can you believe it?!

Fruit juice does not count as fruit. 

When food is “unwrapped” from its fiber  it’s left without its protective phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and its sugar impact is exponentially increased. When  juicing fruit, it strips most of the fiber, creating a huge sugar surge. If you want to drink juice stick to vegetable juice (and juice it yourself).

Fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt can have as much sugar as a chocolate bar.

Stay far away from any yoghurt that has fruit on the bottom. If you want to eat fruit with yoghurt make sure it is fresh fruit. Greek yoghurt should contain less than 7g of sugar per serve (227g) and at least 20g of protein. Always read the nutritional chart before you put anything in your trolly!

fitness mistakes

8 Fitness Mistakes I’m Making? What?

So you head off to the gym 4 nights a week and every week you’re perplexed to as where these wash board abs are?!  You could be making some of these simple fitness mistakes without even realising it. Time to kick these fitness faux pas.

1. Reading while working out.

We all know how tempting it can be to put your multi-tasking skills to the test and merge your down time and work out time, by whacking out the latest novel as you idle away on your stationary bike.

Here’s the problem.  You’re not focused on busting that gut and working your hardest.  You’ll naturally choose a slower pace to allow you to read better.  50 Shades of Grey is not going to increase your heart rate as much as speedy pedalling.

2. Wearing the wrong shoe.

A shoe is a shoe right? Wrong.

Each activity has a shoe, specially designed for stability and comfort, to prevent you causing yourself any injuries.

Running shoes and cross trainers are very different since running involves straight-planar motion, not much stability is built into the shoe. Cross-trainers have a lower profile and more stability built into the shoe.  You could get a bad sprain if you cross train in a running shoe.

3. Futile abdominal exercises.

You don’t have to do exercises that specifically target your abs to get you that six-pack. Consistency with balanced workouts alongside clean eating are all you really need.

If you have a layer of fat over your abdominal muscles, they won’t show regardlessof how many crunches you do.  You’re better off doing exercises like Pilates and yoga that work on lumbar stabilization and engage your core.

4. Performing only one form of exercise.

Doing the same exercises day after day is going to get you nowhere!

You need variety to challenge your heart and muscles, to build a healthy and strong body all around. Plus it’s boring doing the same thing constantly!!

5. Not lifting the right weight.

Doing loads of reps of a low weight is a no no.  Lifting weights activates fast twitch fibers which increases muscle mass and strength. If you don’t lift heavy enough weights, you won’t recruit these fast twitch fibers.  If you want to tone you have to heavy up those weights!

6. Not pushing yourself hard enough. 

Putting in the time but not the effort, doesn’t count as a good work out.  It’s the bodies natural instinct to want to back off when things get tough, it’s up to your mind to keep pushing harder.

7. Not performing contract-relax stretching.

To improve that flexibility so you’ll be as bendy as a bouncing gymnast, use this contract-relax technique.  Gently stretch your muscle for 20 seconds, lightly back off the stretch, contract the muscle for five seconds and then stretch a little further. Repeat.

8. Not incorporating balance training.

Balance training?? What’s that??

Balance training improves proprioception, the sense of where your joint is in space. The stronger your balance and proprioception, the stronger your functional strength.

If you’re doing a bicep curl, why not try standing on one leg?  Balance training can be incorporated into your work out easily.

Welcome to your new and improved work outs!