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Eating local made easy!

We’ve got this season spelled out for you!

Did you know that an Apple isn’t just an ‘Apple’?

Just as the seasons change, so does the quality and quantity of fresh produce. In fact, vitamins present in the fruit or vegetable at the time of harvest are highly unstable and are largely depleted after a few days. Therefore, for every day an apple spends in shipping or storage, it is losing vital nutritional value.

Where large supermarkets import, freeze and store stock to supply the year-round demand, we insist on supplying only the freshest, crispest local produce.

Yep, here at Feedmee, we’re best buddies with Mother Nature, and make it our mission to cater in accordance with the menu her seasons write for us!


Here’s a peak at just some of the items on our Spring shopping list – and their nutritious benefits:

  • Artichokes: high in magnesium and folate – these babies regulate bodily temperature and energy!
  • Broccoli: packed with calcium and vitamin K, you’ll be building both bones and nutritional boasting rights!
  • Cauliflower: offers you both choline and phosphorus, which help to fight liver disease and build healthy teeth!
  • Feta: one serving packs 43% of your daily protein needs!
  • Green Beans: offering the benefits of both potassi-YUM and Vitamin A, they’re the magical fruit!
  • Jalapenos: boasting a kick of vitamin B6, these spicy peppers are a good kind of burn!
  • Mushrooms: this protein-packed veggie also give us a hit of copper, iron and selenium – minerals that are otherwise difficult to obtain!
  • Olives: these yummy nibbles contain antioxidants, protecting your cells as well as increasing fertility!
  • Peas: these little beauties are bursting with vitamin C – Mother Nature’s cold vaccine!
  • Quinoa: this gluten-free gem is packed with protein, potassium, calcium and fibre! Now if we could only pronounce it!
  • Red Onion: these blushing beauties are riddled with over 6 different minerals, including: calcium, thiamine and manganese! We’re getting teary just thinking about it!
  • Spinach: with a kick of calcium, vitamins A, B2, C and K, you’ll have fellow lunchers green with envy!
  • Walnuts: boasting a big hit of protein and heart-healthy amino acids, these are more than just a crunchy treat!
  • Zucchini: these fibre-packed veggies will keep you flowing long after your next vinyasa class!


We eat veggies for their health benefits – so why not maximise their nutritional burst?

So from your local farmers, and the folks here at Feedmee, thanks ‘shallot’ for letting us put a Spring in your step this season!



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5 veggies to slow down the ageing process

Aging begins in the late teens but the accumulated damage doesn’t show until our 30’s or 40’s. And while there’s no magic cure to stop it, it is in our control to slow down the visible effects and health complications. Here are some facts you might be surprised at:

15-20% of aging is genetically predetermined so that means 80-85% is within our control!
70% of cancers are diet and lifestyle related
50% of heart disease is diet related

Of course there’s lots of other things that contribute to helping stem premature signs of aging like – staying sun safe, drinking enough water, avoiding stress, avoiding substance abuse and getting enough sleep. But diet really is one of the biggies and often getting that part right can help motivate us to look at the other areas as well.

Here are our 5 favourite anti aging vegetables to help you turn back the clock:

1. Spinach
The flavonoids in Spinach are antioxidants – great for the skin! The Vitamin C gets rid of those wrinkles and its other vitamins help prevent a whole range of cancers. Remember to keep it raw. Cooked spinach loses a lot of its health benefits.

2. Carrots
With vitamin C and beta-carotene to give you dazzling skin, carrots can even protect your DNA and fight cataracts.

3. Broccoli
This guy is a total winner. It has everyone from carrot AND spinach combined: Vitamin C, sulphur, amino acids, beta-carotene, and Vitamin E – also helping to fight diabetes, and protect against brain damage.

4. Cauliflower
Again, big in Vitamin C, this says “hell no!” to breast cancer, looks after your heart and helps to prevent strokes.

5. Pumpkin
Great for arthritis (which can show as early as 30’s, particularly from repetitive strain in your day-job) and also high in Vitamin C.

For a bit of fun, Real Age, offers a free test to help you identify just how well you’re fighting the signs of aging. It takes about 30 minutes to complete all the questions so take it when you have a bit of time. If you’ve done it, tell us what YOUR real age is. We took the test and our real age was 19.9. Can’t complain about that one!!