fitness mistakes

8 Fitness Mistakes I’m Making? What?

So you head off to the gym 4 nights a week and every week you’re perplexed to as where these wash board abs are?!  You could be making some of these simple fitness mistakes without even realising it. Time to kick these fitness faux pas.

1. Reading while working out.

We all know how tempting it can be to put your multi-tasking skills to the test and merge your down time and work out time, by whacking out the latest novel as you idle away on your stationary bike.

Here’s the problem.  You’re not focused on busting that gut and working your hardest.  You’ll naturally choose a slower pace to allow you to read better.  50 Shades of Grey is not going to increase your heart rate as much as speedy pedalling.

2. Wearing the wrong shoe.

A shoe is a shoe right? Wrong.

Each activity has a shoe, specially designed for stability and comfort, to prevent you causing yourself any injuries.

Running shoes and cross trainers are very different since running involves straight-planar motion, not much stability is built into the shoe. Cross-trainers have a lower profile and more stability built into the shoe.  You could get a bad sprain if you cross train in a running shoe.

3. Futile abdominal exercises.

You don’t have to do exercises that specifically target your abs to get you that six-pack. Consistency with balanced workouts alongside clean eating are all you really need.

If you have a layer of fat over your abdominal muscles, they won’t show regardlessof how many crunches you do.  You’re better off doing exercises like Pilates and yoga that work on lumbar stabilization and engage your core.

4. Performing only one form of exercise.

Doing the same exercises day after day is going to get you nowhere!

You need variety to challenge your heart and muscles, to build a healthy and strong body all around. Plus it’s boring doing the same thing constantly!!

5. Not lifting the right weight.

Doing loads of reps of a low weight is a no no.  Lifting weights activates fast twitch fibers which increases muscle mass and strength. If you don’t lift heavy enough weights, you won’t recruit these fast twitch fibers.  If you want to tone you have to heavy up those weights!

6. Not pushing yourself hard enough. 

Putting in the time but not the effort, doesn’t count as a good work out.  It’s the bodies natural instinct to want to back off when things get tough, it’s up to your mind to keep pushing harder.

7. Not performing contract-relax stretching.

To improve that flexibility so you’ll be as bendy as a bouncing gymnast, use this contract-relax technique.  Gently stretch your muscle for 20 seconds, lightly back off the stretch, contract the muscle for five seconds and then stretch a little further. Repeat.

8. Not incorporating balance training.

Balance training?? What’s that??

Balance training improves proprioception, the sense of where your joint is in space. The stronger your balance and proprioception, the stronger your functional strength.

If you’re doing a bicep curl, why not try standing on one leg?  Balance training can be incorporated into your work out easily.

Welcome to your new and improved work outs!