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Is anyone else OVER the ‘Pre Awards Season Diet?’

“I live by a rule book of eating ‘alkaline’ – no meat, no dairy, no gluten (and) I try to stay away from sugar…” – Kate Hudson

“I don’t have a very good diet. I love beer, fries, burgers, but if I have to get in a bikini then I’ll eat carrot sticks for three days.” – Margot Robbie

“Well, I don’t eat anything and when I feel like I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese.”

cube cheeseAll of the above are excerpts from ‘diet divulging’ editorials with Hollywood’s most renowned Red Carpet starlets. Ok, so the last one may or may not be a quote from The Devil Wears Prada… But it doesn’t exactly stick out like a sore thumb, does it?

At the beginning of every year, Awards Season splashes across our screens – and all the objectification and adulation that come with it. From brutal ‘Who Wore it Better?’ polls, to Fashion Police prosecuting potential Award Winners based on their sartorial choices, it’s a time when the Mean Girls come out to play.

And yet, is there a more insidious game being played here?

The fact is, any sister worth her salt can sense a gossip-mongering ‘Mean Girl’ from a mile away.

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But what about the ‘Health Promoters’; the ‘Diet-Dishers’; the journalists just trying to inform you about how you TOO could be itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny, just like your favourite fashionistas? Because that’s what #lifegoals are all about, right?

While the Golden Globes or the Oscars only last for a few hours, our headlines seem to be crammed with ‘Radical Diet Reveals’ for weeks prior to and proceeding the event.

And the fact is – we’re hungry for it. Why wouldn’t we be?


Well, according to dietitian Ursula Arens, there’s a hefty list of reasons for why we shouldn’t be.

“Because they are nutritionally unbalanced, crash diets can lead to long-term poor health.” She explains.

“Your body’s response to dieting in this manner is to actually reduce the speed at which it burns off calories. This means you’re actually slowing down your ability to lose weight.”

More than that, by “missing out on entire food groups, you’re prevented from getting important nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to work properly.”

So while you may look svelte, you’ll probably feel like sh*t.


And while the Skinny Tea guzzlers and carrot stick munchers may endure for years to come, there is an increasing number of body positive women saying no to, well, ‘saying no’.

Golden Girl (and Globe Winner) Jennifer Lawrence proudly admits to eating “like a caveman… I’m never going to starve myself for a part.”

Like we needed another reason to love J-Law.

jennifer lawrence

Equally, TV Star Taylor Schilling insists that Intuition is the New Black: “I just keep it really simple. I know what feels good to eat and what doesn’t.”

Yep, it seems that the real winners on the Red Carpet are those that subscribe to the feel-good, fun-friendly and flexible school of satiation.


For example, when recently asked about her ‘Pre-Golden Globes Diet Tips’, Nominee and Mother of three Kate Winslet put it plain and simple:

I want to be as healthy as I can be, and I want to have as much fun as I can have. I want to be around for my children. That’s it. Those are the priorities. I like staying fit and healthy… it’s all part of a healthy attitude to life.”

Preach, Rose! I mean, Kate. Something tells us your Heart Will Go On for  years to come.



So whether you’re prepping for your next party or get ‘bikini ready’ (ugh), can we all make a pact now to make our ‘figure’ fit our lifestyle, and not the other way around?


Cheers babes.

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