At feedmee, we value our team members and work hard to maintain a caring culture and fun environment. We hold these values high because we know a great team is paramount to the success of feedmee.

Positive Attitudes

We make work FUN every day!
We go out of our way to help each other.
We greet everyone with a BIG smile, a hello, and a friendly chat.
We address problems calmly, with the person who can resolve them.

Ambitious & Generous

We listen to feedback and help each other improve.
We evaluate ourselves and enjoy achieving our goals.
We ask questions about what we can improve.
We work together to grow.

Creative Thinkers

We use creativity, innovation, and team work to think up new ideas.
We take ownership over Feedmee and the customer experience.
We take time to think before we act, and make choices with care.
We remember Feedmee values when making decisions.

Team Cheerleaders

We show appreciation for what every person brings to the team.
We give praise when we see someone do great work.
We treat others in the way we want to be treated.
We’re honest and kind – all the time!