The feedmee community

We at feedmee are committed to supporting various non-profit organisations and charities within our local community. For us, this is a wonderful way to give something back to the ones in need and we feel blessed about our growing community. A big thank you to all customers and team for supporting these initiatives.

Please get in touch if you’d like to become part of the feedmee community.


The Father Bob Maguire Foundation is in the business of ending homelessness. We believe that if just one person is living homeless in Melbourne, we are failing as a society.

With our partner organisations, we aim to meet the needs of disenfranchised people of all colour, creed and socio-economic backgrounds. We are dedicated to helping people help those within their own community. The best care comes from those who truly understand the community and culture of the people needing care.

Our Mission
The mission is simple; to provide material, emotional and social support to whomever, whenever and wherever necessary.

Our Vision
Our vision is to assist and care for all in the community regardless of their standing in society to ensure no one is left behind. We strive to provide the ‘outsiders’with a connection to the community and a sense of belonging. We aim to be an organisation that will break the cycles of poverty and disadvantage and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

For women in disadvantaged communities a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. This project collects new and second hand bras and sends them wherever we have requests.


Share The Dignity

Share The Dignity’s aim is to provide homeless and at risk women nationally with sanitary products to allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it most.

Sanitary items should be a right not a privilege!

Share The Dignity has had such an amazing response from Australian women they like to call “sheros” and with their help they have been able to provide domestic violence refuges and homeless shelters with substantial donations of pads and tampons. Usually these are the last items to be donated yet the first to be taken.

If you’d like to help be a “sheroe” and donate sanitary products. We have donation bins in all our stores.

seeing-eye-dogs-australia-logo Kopie


Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, a division of Vision Australia, is the only national breeder, trainer and supplier of Seeing Eye Dogs.

It takes a lot of time, love, patience and money to raise these special working dogs that will one day become the gift of independence for people who are blind or have low vision.

Feedmee is a proud supporter of Seeing Eye Dogs Australia puppy carer program.